Morisakorisa solo exhibition "Mood Indigo"

October 13 - 29, 2023

Closed on Mon, Tue and Wed.
*Opening reception:Oct. 13, 6-8pm
Anyone can participate in the opening reception.

Morisakorisa solo exhibition "Mood Indigo" installation view
Morisakorisa solo exhibition "Mood Indigo" installation view
Morisakorisa solo exhibition "Mood Indigo" installation view
Morisakorisa solo exhibition "Mood Indigo" installation view

Shimokitazawa Arts is pleased to present solo exhibition " Mood Indigo " by Morisakorisa. Morisakorisa was born in Tokyo, 2003, graduated from Tokyo Gakkan Funabashi High School, Arts and Crafts course and is currently studying at Tama Art University, Oil painting course. She has many awards and exhibitions including FACE2022 award in her third year of high school. So she is a next-generation painter with a promising future.
I saw " Im a soap girl "(130x162cm) by Morisakorisa at FACE2022 AWARD and was shocked when I realized the painting was painted by a third year high school student. This is because, based on the experience of the coronavirus pandemic, the pain and sadness of life were expressed with a sense of nostalgia and sexiness.
Morisakorisa, who has admired people who create things since she was little, graduated an art high school and admitted to Tama Art University in 2022. She participated in more than 20 exhibitions so far. While receiving many offers, she is active and energetic, planning exhibitions with her friends. Morisakorisa, whose dream for the future was not to be a painter or a novelist, but to be a creator, is steadily starting to live the life she has wanted to live since she was a child.
One of the great charms of Morisakorisa's works is her skillful use of paint. It makes me think that it would be fun to paint with paint in such a way. Her richly colored works range from figurative to abstract, and they always express the love and sadness of life. It seems like the feelings inside me that I had stopped facing as I grew older are awakened, and I feel a sense of nostalgia that is not only sweet but also painful. Morisakorisa probably absorbed the joys and sorrows of life and the subtleties of the heart from her beloved novels. Morisakorisa's works, which are close to the small ups and downs of everyday life, gently illuminate the viewer's inner self like a lit candle, giving the viewer the feeling that the strength to live for tomorrow. Isn't this one of the greatest roles of art in society?
" Words are very delicate and difficult, but when combining them with paintings, the range of your imagination expands even more,'' says Morisakorisa. Along with her words about her paintings, please enjoy the progressive story of a young painter full of spirit, who says" I want to paint everything I can before leaving this world.''

About solo exhibition " Mood Indigo "

The works that make up this exhibition were inspired by the novel "The Foam of the Days" by French author Boris Vian. The title is a reference to Duke Ellington's song "Mood Indigo'' in honor of the novel.

Piano for making cocktails.
Eel peeking out from the faucet and a mouse that will see the end.
The rooms and windows change shape on their own, making it look like a love nest.

It is called one of the most heartbreaking romance novels of the 20th century, and the story of three pure and cruel lovers cannot resist the sad ending.
Each surreal and beautiful scene is vividly etched into the mind, but everything disappears like bubbles.
How pure and cruel can humans be?

That person of memories that sleeps in your memory,
I would appreciate it if you could remember them and appreciate my show.
Wrapped in mood indigo.

Concept for works

I express a parallel world.
If a revolution or war occurs in reality, it will also occur in the other world, and they have two forms, one in reality and one in a parallel world.
As I paint them, I visualize them, and I feel as if they're really alive.
The reason why my paintings oscillate between figurative and abstract is because the resolution of the scene is different.

I will express the absurdities of life, dream-like happy events, and weave a story with words.
I really hope that you can appreciate my works from multiple angles.
We live in a complicated world where we don't know how much of it is true, but I will continue to advocate for the dignity that needs to be protected through painting.
The person painted will become the narrator of a new story.

Morisakorisa《good at night crossing》2023, oil on canvas, 162x112cm(P100)
Morisakorisa《The person who taught me sadness and joy》2023, oil on canvas, 116.7x91cm(F50)
Morisakorisa《Plump body》2023, oil on canvas, 65.2x53cm(F15)
Morisakorisa《The person who taught me sadness and joy》2023, oil on canvas, 41x60.6cm(M12)

Born in Tokyo, 2003.
2022 Tokyo Gakkan Funabashi High School, Arts and Crafts course
2023 currently in Tama Art University, Oil painting course
Favorite painter / painter influenced by:Fujita Tsuguharu, Vilhelm Hammershoi, Odilon Redon, Henry Joseph Darger, Jr., Kaneko Kuniyoshi, Uno Akira, Kondoh Akino, Henri Rousseau, Marc Chagall

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57th Showa-kai exhibition, galerie nichido, Tokyo
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The World Art Exhibition
6th Hoshino Coffee Art Competition, Second Prize
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