Wada Sakura solo exhibition emocleW

May 10 - 26, 2024
1-7 pm

Closed on Mon, Tue and Wed.
*reception:May. 11, 5-7pm
*Anyone can participate in the reception.

Wada Sakura solo exhibition emocleW,  installation view
Wada Sakura solo exhibition emocleW,  installation view

Shimokitazawa Arts is pleased to announce Wada Sakura solo exhibition "emocleW". Wada Sakura was born in Kanagawa, Japam in 1999 and graduated from Tokyo Zokei University in 2024.
Wada creates works with the theme of relationships with others. Until now, with motifs of movies, swimming pools, succulents, Cerberus, werewolves, etc., she have attempted a wide range of expressions, mainly oil paintings with handmade support, as well as stuffed animals, rugs, and video works.
Wada's installation was a highlight at this year's Tokyo Zokei University Graduation Exhibition. It consisted of a werewolf, Cerberus, a man and a dog fighting over a pheasant, video of stuffed animals, a rug and a record player. What emerges from them is the scary, fragile, and funny multifaceted nature of humans, their instincts and reason, and the relationships between humans and humans, and between humans and animals and plants. Without turning a blind eye to negative relationships such as violence and discrimination, Wada's works, which attempt to express themselves in a pop-like manner, confront the viewer with a sense of earnestness.
The title of this solo exhibition is emocleW, which is spelled from the opposite side of Welcome, which was also written on the rug that was impressive in her graduation work. What does this title mean? Please take your time and look around while imagining it using the CUE (hints) that Wada has sprinkled around the gallery, such as front and back, rotation, and more.
Don't miss the first solo exhibition by the up-and-coming young artist Wada Sakura after graduating from Tokyo Zokei University. We look forward to welcome you.

Artist Statement
Using the relationship between the work and the viewer, I reconsiders the problems that arise in human communities and attempt mutual negotiation using clues placed in the space.

Wada Sakura《Lying down paintting》2024, oil on canvas, 62×100x4cm
Wada Sakura《Flower ornament》2024, mixed media
Wada Sakura《emocleW rug》2024, bright faux fur, velour fabric, 33×80cm
Wada Sakura《sleepy puppy》2024, oil on canvas, faux fur, 34×30.5x3.5cm
Wada Sakura《untitled》2024, oil on canvas, 21×25x4cm
Wada Sakura《In the dog house》2024, oil on canvas, 47.5x38x4cm

Wada Sakura
Born in Kanagawa pref., Japan, 1999
2024 BFA, Painting, Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo
Favorite artists:Mike Kelley, Vito Acconci, Sakamoto Ryuichi etc.

Solo Exhibition
2022 "Approaching liberty" Taimei Gallery, Tokyo
2021 "Dogs chill with reggae (apparently)" Gallery Binosha, Tokyo
2020 "I love you" switch box Ake / Tate, Kanagawa pref., Japan

Group Exhibition
"JAM" KOGANEI ART SPOT Chateau 2F, Tokyo
FACE Award 2023, Sompo Museum of Art, Tokyo
"Cosmic socks" Moto-Eigakan, Tokyo
"Contemporary Kawaii Exhibition - What is Kawaii ? - "River Coffee & Gallery, Tokyo
"ACT Award Exhibition 2021" The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Tokyo
"Rookie of the year award by Gekkan Bijutsu, monthly art magazine, Winners Exhibition" Taimei Gallery, Tokyo
Selected show of students 2020,  Gallery Binosha, Tokyo

ART AWARD TOKYO MARUNOUCHI 2024, Koyama Tomio Award, Yabumae Tomoko Award
Tokyo Zokei University Graduation Research and Graduation Work Exhibition 2023, ZOKEI AWARD, Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo
FACE Award 2023, Sompo Museum of Art, Tokyo
Rookie of the year award by Gekkan Bijutsu, monthly art magazine, Grand-prix
Selected show of students 2010, Encouragement prize,  Gallery Binosha, Tokyo