Takahashi Ruri solo exhibition "3 / 57year"

Three years in the life of a 57-year-old apartment.

April 18 - 29, 2024

Closed on April 22nd and 23rd
reception:April 20, 5-7pm
*Anyone can participate in the reception.

Takahashi Ruri《The most important person》2024, marble, calligraphy ink, 20x102xh24cm
Takahashi Ruri solo exhibition "3 / 57year", installation view

Shimokitazawa Arts is pleased to announce Takahashi Ruri solo exhibition "3 / 57year". Takahashi Ruri was born in Tokyo in 1998, and graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design's Department of Fine Arts, majoring in three-dimensional art, in 2020, and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts' Graduate School of Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture in 2023.
Takahashi creates three-dimensional works based on motifs of trivial scenes that everyone may have encountered in their daily lives. Takahashi's sculptures, which depict gentle expressions on whitish stone, have a soft, floating feel. However, because it is made of solid stone, it takes a long time to carve, and large pieces can weigh hundreds of kilograms. As you closely observe the work, the specific motifs will gradually become clearer. In her works so far, for example, she have carved weeds growing robustly in gaps in asphalt and people trying to pull them out, people in rooms seen through windows, and people looking down from a balcony. The moment you notice the gap between the modestness of the scene and the stone carving, which requires time and effort, you feel an irresistible sense of humor, and at the same time, you grow even more attached to the work in front of you. I am always interested in Takahashi's sensibility for enjoying people and their lives as an observer and expressing them lightly with stones.
It would be a great honor if each visitor who looked at Takahashi Ruri's new stone carvings and new works created using other materials could take a close look and discover something different. We look forward to seeing you.

Artist Statement

I create stone sculptures based on motifs of people and their actions that I find interesting in daily life.
I would like to create something that connects with the memories of people who view my work that I don't know about, and that makes them remember or think about something, and that looks different depending on the person.

Takahashi Ruri《Everyone lives with their right hand at the back》2024, sandstone, calligraphy ink, oil pen, 51x73xh30cm
Takahashi Ruri《Person who sings someone's song》2021, sandstone, wax, acrylic gouache, 45x28xh64cm
Takahashi Ruri《Nonsense people》2023, sandstone, oil pen, 43x28xh55cm
Takahashi Ruri《Why I don't know someone I don't know》2023, camellia, φ9x180cm
Takahashi Ruri《For that girl I wanted to give a cigar kiss to》2024

Takahashi Ruri
Born in Tokyo, 1998
2020 BFA, Joshibi University of Art and Design, Department of Fine Arts, majoring in three-dimensional art
2023 MFA, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, the Department of Sculpture

Selected exhibition
2023 Solo exhibition "2 people, only now" gallery cafe3, Tokyo
2023 Graduation exhibition "Things I care about about people I care about" Tokyo University of the Arts Sculpture Building, Tokyo
2021 Solo exhibition "A long time that I don't know about" gallery TK2, Tokyo
2020 2 person exhibition "FuRuI" Suiheisen gallery, Kanagawa pref., Japan

2023 ART AWARD TOKYO MARUNOUCHI 2023, Tatehata Akira Award