Suzuki Remi solo exhibition "Eighth note beats"

June 9 - 25, 2023

Closed on Mon, Tue and Wed.
*Opening reception:June 9, 6-8pm
Anyone can participate in the opening reception.

Suzuki Remi solo exhibition "Eighth note beats" installation view
Suzuki Remi solo exhibition "Eighth note beats" installation view
Suzuki Remi solo exhibition "Eighth note beats" installation view
Suzuki Remi solo exhibition "Eighth note beats" installation view

Shimokitazawa Arts is pleased to announce to present the first solo exhibition "Eighth note beats" by Suzuki Remi.
She was born in Shizuoka pref. Japan, 1999, graduated from painting, Tokyo Zokei University, 2022 and is currently in painting, Graduate School of Tokyo Zokei University. She was youngest to receive the Excellent Work Award of FACE2021 at the age of 21 in 2021.
The work series, including the work that won the excellent prize of FACE2021, 《I want to sleep quietly at night》depict herself who cannot sleep because her head is full of relationships. In the works, a reclining figure (artist herself) and symbolized large figures were arranged in an exquisite composition and interspersed with simple shape such as ○△□. The paintings were filled with motifs with in slightly dull and colorful colors such as red, blue and black.
After graduated from Tokyo Zokei University and entering the graduate school in 2022 and Suzuki changed her style. She began to strip away the elements of her works and started to paint with limited motifs and more emphasis on colors and lines. Suzuki says that she reconsidered the meaning of painting for herself and noticed what she wanted to express most was the importance of being here now. So she aimed to express it in a simpler way.
The simplified expression that followed the style that fills the painting with motifs is painted with light lines on the background colors that has been carefully selected, and it looks like an unfinished work. The number in the title means the date the work was painted, similar to the concept Kawara On's date paintings. On days we look the same but continue to change, she observes herself in that state at that time and she's engaged in painting as if to cherish it.
When we look at Suzuki's work, we feel a vague feeling between the unconscious and conscious, which arises when we , small existences, try to wake up in front of the big world and the big reality. It may be not only the people we have met in real life and the feelings we have actually gotten, but also the people and memories we have seen in our shared consciousness. We receive a simple and universal message from Suzuki's paintings : a tiny self that is connected to everything, a love for everything.

Artist statement

" to be there " "being there"
In the flow of the day, things that happen every day are not all the same, but continue to change slightly while receiving various elements.
By repeatedly painting people and letters, I express that there is never the same moment.
I draw motifs with lines mainly.
Whether I draw person or letters, my "lines" change according to my heartbeat, breathing, thoughts and the state of the date, and I leave those changes on the painting.
I draw a different line and each line becomes a trace of my body on that day even though my heart keeps a steady beat.
Just by drawing a line, the boundaries between inner and outer are created and I create a different space for each work.
The pictorial space created by the background colors and lines tells the story of myself on that day.

About exhibition title " Eighth note beats"

The motifs I draw are not exactly the same, but I continue to draw the same thing with a certain rhythm.
Like the heartbeat and breathing of the same rhythm, it's always the same, but I want to live while cherishing each and every rhythm. I created my works with that in my mind so I gave this exhibition the title " Eighth note beats".
"Eighth note beats" is the name of my favorite band song and it's a rhythm often used in rock music.
This song contains the splendor of living the days that come repeatedly and I'm greatly influenced by this song.

Suzuki Remi

Born in Shizuoka pref. Japan, 1999.
2022 BFA of Painting, Tokyo Zokei University, Japan
2023 currently in MFA of Painting, The Graduate School of Tokyo Zokei University, Japan

Group Exhibition
"JAM" KOGANEI ART SPOT Chateau 2F, Tokyo
"After Pretending" Fuchu Art Museum, Civic Gallery, Tokyo
"Pseudonym Exhibition" Musashino Art University, Tokyo
"SKIN IS" Sagamihara Citizen's Gallery, Kanagawa pref. Japan
"The Way of Paintings 2022, FACE Award Winners" Sompo Museum of Art, Tokyo
"FACE Award Exhibition 2021" Sompo Museum of Art, Tokyo

2022 Tokyo Zokei University Graduation Exhibition, ZOKEI Award
2021 FACE2021, Excellent Work Award

Suzuki Remi《20230317》, 2023年, oil on canvas, 112x145.5cm(F80)
Suzuki Remi《20230301》, 2023年, oil on canvas, 45.5x53cm(F10)
Suzuki Remi《20221102》, 2022, oil on canvas, 53x65.2cm(F15)
Suzuki Remi《20230412》, 2023, oil on canvas, 53x65.2cm(F15)
Suzuki Remi《20230424》, 2023, oil on canvas, 53x65.2cm(F15)
Suzuki Remi《20230418》, 2023, oil on canvas, 45.5x53cm(F10)
Suzuki Remi solo exhibition "Eighth note beats" installation view
Suzuki Remi《20230405》, 2023, oil on canvas, 38x45.5cm(F8)