Ohno Candice Mana solo exhibition "Life is beautiful."

August 24 - September 3, 2023

Closed on Mon and Tue.
*Opening reception:Aug. 24, 6-8pm
DJ performance at the reception.
Anyone can participate in the opening reception.

Ohno Candice Mana solo exhibition "Life is beautiful." installation view
Ohno Candice Mana solo exhibition "Life is beautiful." installation view
Ohno Candice Mana solo exhibition "Life is beautiful." installation view
Ohno Candice Mana solo exhibition "Life is beautiful." installation view

Shimokitazawa Arts is pleased to present Ohno Candice Mana solo show "Life is beautiful". Ohno was born in 1998, Chiba pref. Japan. She graduated from Oil Painting, Department of Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo in 2023. She has made movies also since school and "Lovely Little Ai" directed and written by Ohno was national wide released in 2022. She is multi-talented in the visual arts.
Ohno's paintings, which were conspicuous in Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation Exhibition 2023, are seemingly eccentric works depicting colorful and mysterious creatures. While being overwhelmed by the impact of the works, when you look closely, you can see that many creatures with various shapes and colors live naturally in the environment they are placed in and show emotions. The creatures are characters with their own unique personalities modeled after people who actually live around Ohno.They live their lives to the fullest as they're worried about life and environmental issues and succumbed to the desire for sweet chocolate etc. Ohno, who is also active as a film director, spins various stories large and small on her paintings. Even if we have different values, let's communicate, understand our neighbors as much as possible, and live happily. Both her movies and paintings depict the human love that Ohno believes in with sincerity.
By incorporating the airbrush technique in the works of this show, Ohno's works are characterized by a fancy atmosphere more and a street feeling also. She is steadily expanding her painting expression. She says "Going back and forth between movies and paintings, I want to surprise and impress people like they have never seen before, and make them happy. And I want to become rich, make my family happy, and build a school in the future.". Please enjoy Ohno Candice Mana's pop, happy and sometimes bittersweet works. In addition to paintings with stories, we will also sell works that Ohno drew original art on old clothes that are perfect for the city of Shimokitazawa, as well as art works that can be easily purchased. Additionally, Ohno will announce the name of the pink ribbon creature that has appeared in her works.

Artist Statement

My name is Ohno Candice Mana. I am a film director and an artist. ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ ˋ)੭✧💌

"If we're going to live, let's enjoy it. Let's paint a bright and poppy world. So let's have a conversation together." In this world, there exist crazy and sad realities. It's an undeniable fact, but we must accept it and move forward. Conversation is a vital element for humans. Rather than creating weapons, I want to deepen interactions with people through my artworks and understand each other through dialogue. Therefore, I aim to create works that move people's hearts and bring them happiness.

In the paintings I create, lines intersect and give birth to peculiar creatures, constructing a world. It's almost like animism, breathing life into everything. I draw with full concentration, and when I return to reality for a moment, stories unfold within the paintings. It's akin to my own diary, where the everyday lives of people intertwine. In my films, I write the scripts myself and also take charge of directing. Unlike my paintings, films allow for more direct communication of messages. Even sad events can become poppy when we change our perspectives. I incorporate such techniques. Simply by altering our viewpoints and ways of thinking, the world can change dramatically. In my film direction, I also incorporate elements of animation, highlighting overreactions and fancy aspects. I have always believed that movies provide people with dreams. Drawing influences the expression of film, and creating films connects back to the expression of art. I traverse between these two artistic methods, exploring a realm of wonder.

About the exhibition title "Life is beautiful."

"Life is beautiful. It is essential to understand one another. 
To make this world beautiful, each individual needs to communicate without giving up and recognize the value of one another. 
In this artwork, I have portrayed the numerous people I have encountered throughout my journey, each living in symbiosis. Humans, nature, art, and animals―unbeknownst to us, relationships have formed among them, supporting and shaping the world together."

Ohno Candice Mana《Wonderland》2023, Acrylic and medium on canvas, 72.7×91cm
Ohno Candice Mana《To the big city! I went on a trip.》2023, Acrylic, medium and cotton on canvas, 91×116.7cm

Ohno Candice Mana
Born in Chiba pref. Japan, 1998
2023 BFA, Oil Painting, Department of Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo
favorite artist : Tim Burton


solo exhibition
2022  "The returning OCM" C.O.D, Tokyo

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"About that girl" KISYURYURI THEATER, Tokyo
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A-tom art award 2018 Exhibition, Court-Yard HIROO, Tokyo
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Award / Scholarship
Ataka Award scholarship, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo
A-tom art award
Kume Award scholarship, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo


"Lovely Little Ai" writing and directing, Nationwide release, Now available by 13 streaming services
Camel eyes, Fantasy Movie Exhibition
"Microcosmo" writing and directing
"Kiyoshi's journey" writing and directing
Sinpa vol12 × Onomichi Film Festival, Japan
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"Ono no Komachi"writing, directing, photography and main cast
MOOSIC LAB 2018→2019 special screening, K's cinema, Tokyo

The Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival
Pia Film Festival, Cinema Fan Award, Entertainment Award
Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival Special Jury Award
TAMA NEW WAVE, Un Certain Regard Division
Tokyo Student Film Festival, Audience Award
Kanazawa Film Festival, Promising New Actress Award