Hatsune Suzuki solo exhibition "Scooping a blink"

April 14 - 30, 2023

Closed on Mon, Tue and Wed.
*Opening reception:April 14, 6-8pm
Anyone can participate in the opening reception.

Hatsune Suzuki《touching your breath》, 2023, oak wood, Jerusalem artichoke, paper mulberry, soil, embroidery thread, 130x160x15cm
Hatsune Suzuki《vessels for grilling seashell》, 2022, soil

Shimokitazawa Arts is pleased to announce to have Hatsune Suzuki solo exhibition "Scooping a blink".
She was born in Kanagawa pref. Japan and is currently in DFA of Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Painting, Mural Painting, Japan.
She grow Jerusalem artichokes and makes raw materials for paper from it and collect raw materials such as mortar and lime from riverbed sand in the process of rice cultivation and oyster shell herself. Such as sparkling minerals on the riverbed, plant stems in paper and an image that changes with the power and the heat of the soldering iron, her eyes never miss a momentary sparkle of nature. As she put herself in nature and creates artworks over years while responding to the reaction of nature, the moment that leads to eternity is enclosed in Hatsune Suzuki's artwork.
Suzuki's paintings, which incorporate techniques from the field of mural, have mysterious charms that combine a tension and generosity like prehistoric cave paintings and Japanese tumulus murals drawn freely with awe of nature and invisible forces.

Artist Statement

I try to observe and touch nature.
When I see what passes by and the flow bathes me,
everything that keep moving
shows something like a fluttering hem.
Blinking continues gently and slowly.


From the series of actions surrounding the cultivation of plants,
I obtain the materials, process them and use them in my artworks.
Jerusalem artichokes planted in a small field become paper and seashells from the sea become lime.
Lime, due to its basicity, is used for boiling in making paper and soil pH adjustment.
I draw on paper by lime, sand, soil and water kneaded.
As the paper burns, the image appears.
The lime reacts with carbon dioxide and hardens to enclose the painting.
Invisible movements between various actions support the painting on the surface.

Hatsune Suzuki《immersing-3》《immersing-2》, 2022, wood, river sand, oyster shell lime, soil, pigment, cement, 53x53cm each
Hatsune Suzuki《to the bottom of the river》, 2022, panel, river sand, oyster shell lime, soil, pigment, cement, 53x53cm
Hatsune Suzuki《swimming in the lice field》, 2022, cotton, soil, oil, pigment, 162x162cm

Hatsune Suzuki

Her current target as an artist is " to create in a way that accompanies the actual building as I corporate techniques learned from the field of mural paintings into my work".

Born in Kanagawa pref. Japan.
2018 BFA of Oil painting, Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan
2020 MFA in Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Painting, Mural Painting, Tokyo, Japan
2023 current DFA in Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Painting, Mural Painting, Tokyo, Japan

"ao" AKIBATAMABI21, Tokyo
"Scholarship Student Exhibition" The Sato Museum of Art, Tokyo
" Tsukuba Award of Art" Studio'S, Ibaraki pref. & Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store, Tokyo
TOKYO mizumachi Mural WISE OWL HOSTELS River tokyo, Tokyo
Solo exhibition " I can see it when I breathe." Gallery Binosha, Tokyo
Atami Art Week 2017 , Atami City, Shizuoka pref. Japan

The Sato Museum of Art, Purchase Award, Tokyo
Tsukuba Award of Art, Award of Excellence, Ibaraki pref. & Tokyo

Japan Arts Foundation
The 31th. Sato International Cultural Scholarship Foundation