Erika Sato solo exhibition "SPACE DRIVER"

February 10 - 26, 2023

Closed on Mon, Tue and Wed.
*Open on National holidays.
*Opening reception:February 10, 6-8pm
Anyone can participate in the opening reception.

Erika Sato solo exhibition "SPACE DRIVER" installation view

Shimokitazawa Arts is pleased to present "SPACE DRIVER" solo exhibition by Erika Sato.

Erika Sato was born in Kanagawa pref. Japan, 1996. She graduated from MFA of Musashino Art University, Fine Arts Course, Painting. She is a up-and-coming young artist who has the ability to win student special award at 2021 Shell Art Award, and is actively presenting her works at solo and group exhibitions.

Sato has loved drawing since she was a child and decided to continue drawing for the rest of life when she was in elementary school. She wanted to become a picture book author in high school but after entering Musashino Art University, she was inspired by contemporary artists and decided to become an oil painter.

The charm of Sato's work is free and generous brushwork and the colorful and gentle colors that make you feel nostalgic. Her motifs range from figurative to almost abstract and all of them have a deep sense of humor.
Sato's paintings are stories that begin with things that Sato likes, such as characters, and ideas that come to mind in her life, and that expand and connect through the back and forth of paints and brushes that unfold on the canvas.
When appreciating of Sato's works, the viewer feels that she meditates on the loneliness of life, which everyone has to walk alone as a matter of course and her philosophical point of view that looks herself, fantasizes on the painting, and observes herself objectively.
This is due to Sato's resolution and sincerity in creating her works, which she aspired to become a painter from an early age.

Sato joined an astronomy club in high school, likes the movie "2001 : A Space Odyssey" and still observes stars with an astronomical telescope. Let's enjoy "SPACE DRIVER" by a space fan, Erica Sato.

Artist Statement
I often roam intentionally the earth in everyday life.
I try walking around for an hour in the middle of the night, going to a strange city by bicycle without purpose , going to the end of the line and looking out the train window meaninglessly. I'm looking around the earth of the square screen on the hand with Google map also.
I felt like I became an astronaut when doing that, like an astronaut thrown out into the dark universe and wandering alone.
I feel the same way when I'm painting. I paint wandering freely the space between paints by brush. I paint paintings based on the expanding story when something and something connected inside me like that.

Erika Sato《The spirit in the vacant》, 2022, Oil on canvas, 194x112cm (P120)
Erika Sato《Friend, Godzilla》, 2022, Oil on canvas, 72.7x50cm (M20)
Erika Sato《SPACE DRIVER》, 2022年, Oil on canvas, 41x31.8cm (F6)
Erika Sato《A stranger》, 2023, Oil on canvas, 41x53cm (P10)
Erika Sato solo exhibition "SPACE DRIVER" installation view
Erika Sato solo exhibition "SPACE DRIVER" installation view
Erika Sato solo exhibition "SPACE DRIVER" installation view

Erika Sato

Born in Kanagawa pref. Japan, 1996.
2020 BFA, Musashino Art University, College of Art and Design, Department of Oil Painting
2022 MFA, Musashino Art University, Fine Arts Course, Oil Painting

Solo exhibition
" Strong, and new game" GALLERY b.TOKYO, Tokyo
" A painter and a satellite" gallery TOWED , Tokyo

Group exhibition
" Tokimeki painting road " HB.Nezu, Tokyo
" Episode one, 16 next generation artists exhibition, vol1 " Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store, Osaka
" Expression " Changting Gallery, Tokyo
" Shell Art Award 2021 Exhibition " The National Art Center, Tokyo
" SHIBUYA STYLE vol.15 " Seibu Shibuya department store, Tokyo
" Ten hundreds years of residence / the light of three o'clock " Kiso paintings, Nagano pref. Japan
" Abstract Paintings by Young Artists " Changting Gallery, Tokyo
" Hazy memories " SOGO department store Yokohama, Kanagawa pref. Japan
" Oil of flying squirrel " SHINBI GALLERY, Tokyo
" Collectors 'Collective vol.1 " MEDEL GALLERY SHU, Tokyo
" gallery TOWED, 1st Anniversary Exhibition " gallery TOWED, Tokyo

Shell Art Award 2021, Student Special Award